Monday, October 11, 2004

comrade himbly

comrade himbly
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If it's possible, I do believe I'm in a projection slump. Ever since film fest I've been screwing up things that I'm usually SO careful about. And it's not that I ~don't~ care. I do. A lot. I'm just in a slump. I think. Today I missed my very first changeover cue. I swear in all the years I've been running those projectors, I've NEVER missed a changeover cue.

I blame the film fest. I got so tired and I, again, screwed up more times than is usual for me. I built up a 3 hour film and put one of the reels in backwards. NOT that it was entirely my was labeled wrong. But, jesus! That doesn't happen with me. I jinxed myself. I think. I'm so glad it wasn't me who ran that film. I'm not so glad that it was the owner of the theatre who did.

He's a whole other kettle of fish. Sunday is a brand new shift. Time to get in there and give 110%...


(if you knew how slack my job can get sometimes, ~that~ would be a really funny joke)

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