Tuesday, December 20, 2005

finished (as in a- my semester and b- the state of my being)

It is freaking cold in our apartment....for various reasons...some acceptable, some I bitch about...whatever...

anyway, so, any given evening, you can catch me in full body longjohns....and that's what I usually sleep in...

the type with the trap door

Last night I finished my paper, which means I finished everything I needed in order to end this semester...



so, I ran up to the university last night to hand in my paper way before the 9 AM deadline today. 'Cept everything was closed.

On the way home, paper still in my hand, I stopped by the liquorstore and bought a bottle of wine.

BF wasn't feeling well, so he was taking a nap when I got back, so I settled in by pouring a glass and playing WoW.

I got drunk and sobered up by the time he awoke. We played for a little while together then I went to bed to get an early start so I could run up to the uni before work.

couldn't sleep...couldn't sleep...couldn't sleep...woke up early...

so, I'm tired, right? But I was too elated to feel it.

trained it to the uni and when I got there it was quiet...no one about. Not a peep.

so...I debated over: a- shoving my assignment in the slot in the main office door...which would entail a plastic envelope full of stuff and three books I used as references...then imagined someone tripping over the old worn out grammars I used...

or b- hanging my assignment (with all accessories) on the doorknob of her office because I already had it in a plastic bag in case that was my best option...

forward thinking

I picked b...and got back on the train towards downtown so I could go to work. Along the way I imagined every scenario that could possibly prevent the connection between my prof and the assignment hanging on her door....up to and including the thought that since 9/11, maybe strange packages hanging on doors are disposed of by a bomb squad in a foamy mess.

I was tired.

But...I emailed her and she emailed me back saying she got it and to have a good holiday. Thank god. Crisis averted. And now I'm free...and I feel grrreat!

oh...yeah...but I forgot to mention that last night I had a dream that I was sitting in class and for some reason said prof asked me to write something on the board but I refused because I looked down and realized I was wearing my longjohns with the trap door...

hahaha...what a typical 'school dream'...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

these days

ray patin
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I found this guy's blog and started clicking on links. It's like a goldmine of animators and illustrators and they are all incredible.

How I wish I could draw.

Anyway...since all I can think about right now is myself, this'll be another post about me.

I wrote an exam this morning and was kinda confident about most of it, though it was hard but when I came out and started talking to some people from my class...well...I think I got one wrong.


Because if you know you got one wrong...how many don't you know you got wrong?

But...anyway...I went for lunch with bf and then came home and slept for 2 hours because I'm exhausted and my prof also said that we could have until the 19th to hand in our 15 pg paper.

I almost leapt up and kissed her right on the lips.

Then I thought I dreamt it, so I had to ask around after the exam. Then I had no pants on. And, like, I was in the social science building but it looked like my elementary school.

So...in just a few more days I can stop waking up with fear gripping my belly over what I have to accomplish that day for my life not to suck.

That's gonna be sweet.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I just think that butterfly nets are the funniest accessory out there...

that doesn't really look like Chris at all.

but this is SO TOTALLY what I'm wearing right now.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

going mental

good laugh
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7 days left

1 - final exam
1 - take home final
1 - 15pg paper

...to go...



anyway...I live above a restaurant, right? So, they've taken to playing Xmas music.

I hate Xmas music.

I'm not a Scrooge...I don't hate Xmas or anything...it's okay.

But I can't STAND Xmas music and I especially can't stand those little toys that you press an effing button and then it plays a cute little christmas carrol as if the dog, snowman, santa, elf, construction worker, police man, leather guy, native indian, or sailor is singing it themselves and they've got one of those in the mailroom at work and me and one of the women who work there are going to sneak in there and bash it into smithereens with a 3-hole punch if they continue to play it and laugh as though it was the fucking cutest thing they've ever seen since the birth of their hare-lipped, club footed, bow legged, bowl hair cutted grandchildren.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

blog stats

stuart mclean
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someone got to my blog by googling the words:

hate "stuart mclean" voice


well, i certainly don't hate stuart mclean's voice, and if you're familiar with stuart mclean and the vinyl cafe then check out his blog. Bet you can't read it without hearing his voice.

it's better that way.

i'm gonna try that technique on my text books.

an ode to tea

peppermint tea
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you google peppermint tea, and you get that picture. I probably shoulda used one without the 'for promotional use only' tag...but I think I like it more that way

it's a no caps kinda day

i've got two papers, a take home exam and a regular ol' final exam within the next two weeks.

yesterday was a very demanding day and i think i stressed so terribly that i've probably slept about a whole half day since...not to mention eat 2/3rds of the house.

and now i've got a headache and i feel nauseous.

this peppermint tea in front of me is saving my life.

i'm trying so hard to work but i keep flitting from one assingment to another so that the total work i've managed to get done equals bupkis.

i just watched arrested development for the first time and a/ it's totally funny and b/ the david cross character (who is hillarious, btw) is an ex-psycholinguist from MIT that is super weird and flakey and I thought, 'jesus...when it comes to making fun of people, are linguists up for grabs, too?'

two of my fave profs: one's a psycholinguist and the other is straight outta MIT, yo.

i went to go see the grad advisor for our department the other day. i can't stop going over the potential stupid things i said during our meeting. i fixate on my stupidity and akwardness, like, lots...i'm gonna make someone a great grad student one day. when i went to visit him, i guess i expected (don't know why) him to give me a run down of all the programs i could get into with a BA in linguistics, but all we talked about were MAs in linguistics. easy now. i gots to do more research but i know i would love to do a masters in linguistics.


that's gonna get me nowhere

besides, it's been so long. he asked what discipline i'd like to get involved in...uh. dunno. syntax is nice. i like phonetics.

dork <---- me

Thursday, December 01, 2005

GQ Man of the Year

GQ Man of the Year
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Now, really...I don't give a rat's ass about GQ or its Man of the Year.

But I'm so sick of Jennifer Aniston and everyone's bullshit pity and happiness over watching her 'get back on her feet'.

I'm not going to go into the Brad, Angelina and Jennifer thing here. Gawd. Go to any supermarket and all the research is right in front of you.

And after you read all that...we still have no idea what really happened. Who cares? Its between them.

But what exactly is important if you're to be a GQ Man of the Year? When your partners in that prize are Vince Vaughn and 50 cent, probably not much...but what I would like to bring up is that JA is the first female 'Man' of the Year because she "exhibited a lot of poise, unbelievable amount of grace and good humor this year."

So...because she didn't pull a Medea on us that she's deserving of the 'Man' of the Year award?

"Heck, Jenny-poo...the way you handled that whole marriage thing...that was mighty manly of ya..."

and a hearty slap on the back

I understand that the media must be a total bitch to deal with...really, I do. But, after the wound healed a bit (and after public interest into how she was doing grew), who released her story in an exclusive to Vanity Fair that flew off the shelves?

They had a harder time keeping the contents of that interview secret than they did a couple of months previous revealing who Deep Throat was.

Now...another point. What the eff is she doing on the cover accepting the honour of "Man of the Year" with her shirt off like she's in a Maxim spread? Take your shirt of for photoshoots, by all means...but don't you think it's a little tacky when the other Men of the Year get to keep their shirts on?

pfft...Man of the Year. She gets it by keeping her cool when her husband leaves her. Irony is that Angelina Jolie was only recognized by the effing UN for all the goodwill work she's done.

She gets called a 'homewrecker'.



With the advent of cell phones that can take pics (of which I still am stubbornly refusing to buy) come great ideas for websites...like this.

I think they'll allow non-nyc content.

Anyway, next time you get harrassed by someone on the street, quietly snap a photo of the creep and post it. They deserve to at least have some small part of fame for it.

But be careful...remember, you can't really predict what a complete asshole will do.
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