Wednesday, December 14, 2005

these days

ray patin
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I found this guy's blog and started clicking on links. It's like a goldmine of animators and illustrators and they are all incredible.

How I wish I could draw.

Anyway...since all I can think about right now is myself, this'll be another post about me.

I wrote an exam this morning and was kinda confident about most of it, though it was hard but when I came out and started talking to some people from my class...well...I think I got one wrong.


Because if you know you got one many don't you know you got wrong?

But...anyway...I went for lunch with bf and then came home and slept for 2 hours because I'm exhausted and my prof also said that we could have until the 19th to hand in our 15 pg paper.

I almost leapt up and kissed her right on the lips.

Then I thought I dreamt it, so I had to ask around after the exam. Then I had no pants on. And, like, I was in the social science building but it looked like my elementary school. just a few more days I can stop waking up with fear gripping my belly over what I have to accomplish that day for my life not to suck.

That's gonna be sweet.

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