Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm out, bitches...

At least out of blogspot for awhile.

However, I did set up a nice home for me at so do come check me over there. Meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can't make this place look a bit more homey...instead of homely.

And please forgive all the pics of me over there...I've been a bit camera happy lately. I promise it will calm down and pics of other things than me, procrastinating at my desk when I should be working.


Friday, March 16, 2007


this is ugly.

just gonna have to deal with it for now (the template) until I manage to gather the interest and energy to make it look better.

What I'm up to...

Thought I'd post what I'm up to these days just 'cause. Not that anyone reads this thing anymore, but more because I've got about a Strongbow and a half in me now.

School is going to wrap up for the winter session soon. Actually, aside from the sphincter-clenchingly lack of time, I -for many reasons...3 in particular- can't wait for the next 4 weeks to pass and for it to be summer. Dude. Seriously.

I've been pretty lazy this past week in comparison to the weeks previous...though I've gotten some stuff done. I've been working on bettering a paper from last semester and that seems finally near to an end. I, stupidly, shot my mouth of in the original paper without the moolah to back it up (for moolah, read 'data') and my sweet and kind prof has allowed me to try to correct that mistake. Problem is that no one really agrees with me...well, not enough to have done anything similar. Anyway, I found some stuff to back up my stupid mouth and so I think that will be good.

Next week I have to give a presentation on what I've done so far towards research for my term paper...uh. yeah. Note: need to start researching for term paper.

I also have an assingment due for my first language acquistition of phonology class that I've not looked at. Seriously. This week has been pretty lazy.

But, the most exciting part is that I've started to design my experiment for my thesis! Hurrah! I'm not being sarcastic, either. I'm so completely excited. And my advisor is excited, too...which I take as a pretty good sign. This weekend I have to start working on ethics approval (I will be experimenting on 9 month old babies) and word lists that they have to listen to. The word lists will include words like: fuck, shit, guns, whore, bitch, your mother hates you.

Because a joke got me in trouble this week, I will state firmly that the above word list IS a joke and I will not be exposing 9 month olds to those words. I will, instead, be exposing babies to words I've made up that sound like english. There.

Honestly, I can hardly wait until summer.

Anyway..this is what's been keeping me busy and not posting. This I say to my legions of fans.

I call my pets Sly and T

my pimped pic!

Saturday, March 10, 2007




Plus, I'm also really tired of seeing that stupid picture of me.

So, I'm sick again after only 2 or 3 weeks of being sick last. Dang. Honestly, small 'breaks' in the stress really don't work out all that well for me these days.

Luckilly, most of the stuff I need to get done this weekend all can be done from bed.

And...speaking of TV...holy crap there's a lot of reality shows. And holy crap, I kinda like a bunch of them. That doesn't make me feel that good about myself.

*sigh*...I just ran out of energy. Another lame post comin' least it puts that crappy pic in number 2 spot.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Even though you don't read my blog...

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Here's your hat.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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Yep yep yep yep...these are my new fingerless elbow-length gloves. Loving. Them.

Who asked for practicality? I'm doing my master's in linguistics! What do I know about practical??

Check out on the next pic how my hand is in 'game ready' position.

or elbow length?

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Okay, haven't figured out how to put more than one pic per post.

oh jesus crap

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Yeah...I know. Actually, ~I~ didn't need to see a pic of me, either, but I'm just in love with the camera I got working so there. Plus, I got my hair highlighted, too, bitches.

Long time no bloggity. Reading week was ~sans~ relaxation...only sickness, recovery and adrenaline when I realized my sickness had put me back a whole lot. Got what I needed to do done (not 100% pleased with some of my work...dang it) but managed to pull it all off without getting too badly scathed. Long week ahead of me, though...hella long week.

We got TV! I haven't had cable for years 'cept for awhile when I lived with eeners or dated guys with TV. Firstly, ummm....I'm not so certain cable's worth it. I mean, I don't want to give it up right away....hell, I could be wrong...but except cooking shows and a little show called:

The Flavor of Love

*cue angels*

Jesus H. OldSkoolHipHop....what is there to say? It stirs up so many emotions inside me.

oh...I've got to run. I'll finish this later

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm gonna try to tell this in a bloggity style...

...but it might not work. Bear with me.

As some of you know, my fave fave FAVE radio show is Wiretap (on CBC on Friday nights at 8:30 and Sunday afternoons at 1).

Today's episode featured a friend of Jonathan's calling up and immediately doing a poor 'human beat box' into the phone.

This is where it gets hard. Imagine doing "do da deet ta do da deet ta" rhythmically, without voicing, and using your lower lip against your teeth to filter into a 'snare' type sound.

[[-voice] alveolar + labio-dental with no vowels, for those in the know...and that was even a crappy description]

Anyway...this guy called Jonathan and did that and said, 'you've got to help me! I've had this in my head for days now and I can't name the song!' Johnathan argued that without much more than that, it was almost impossible to tell the song. Almost...because I nailed it in the first 4 seconds.

It was Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant. An album I bought when I was ten with my own money. The first cassette I bought with my allowance ever. I used to build forts in the spare room and listen to it on one of those crappy, one speaker tape deck things.

I still have it. I bought it on CD a few years ago. I also have Adam Ant's first album. On vinyl and CD.

I called my father immediately after the show stopped and the first thing I said was, 'I knew that song the second he started' dad and I laughed as we recounted the show. I told my dad, through our conversation, about me buying the tape and playing in my fort listening to it and knowing all the words and still owning it to this days...he laughed about how funny the show was, different jokes we were know. I thought.

Dad...and he was laughing the type of laugh that I know he's wiping tears from his eyes...caught his breath in between bouts of hysterics and said, '....and you're not even embarrassed to tell me you listen to that crap....'...and fell back into laughing so hard all I could hear was snorts and wheezing.

Because I don't have skinny legs

I really wish I could join the skinny pants thing. Seriously.

Because if I could, then I could tuck my pants into my boots the way I've wanted to for millions of years. Probably my past lives.

In response, however, I have taken to tucking my pants into my boots, and then only doing my boots halfway up so that it looks like I just pulled them on to trek out wherever. 'Cause that's actually what I'm doing...pulling them on to trek out to wherever.

I'm hoping this look will catch on.

Oh...quick story:

The other day I was on the C-train and one of those emo that what they call them? Like goth for the new millenium? Anyway, she sat down across from me and wistfully looked ahead with her big doe eyes. Another emo kid (ugh...ear plugs...gross) crossed the train just to hang out nervously by her. He CLEARLY wanted to talk to her, but couldn't gather the courage. He would stare at her and pace. Sit in the seat across the AISLE (eff you, Joe) from her and glance over at her a zillion times. Once he even stood behind her (by the door) and sat on the (dirty dirty) floor while thumbing through his (already in hand) journal.

It was really funny. I kept trying to catch her eye so that I could (with my eyes) direct her attention to him. However, she kept catching the first part of that plan and probably thinks I'm some weird older gay stalker.

I bet he writes a poem about it.
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