Saturday, March 10, 2007




Plus, I'm also really tired of seeing that stupid picture of me.

So, I'm sick again after only 2 or 3 weeks of being sick last. Dang. Honestly, small 'breaks' in the stress really don't work out all that well for me these days.

Luckilly, most of the stuff I need to get done this weekend all can be done from bed.

And...speaking of TV...holy crap there's a lot of reality shows. And holy crap, I kinda like a bunch of them. That doesn't make me feel that good about myself.

*sigh*...I just ran out of energy. Another lame post comin' least it puts that crappy pic in number 2 spot.


Ian Scott said...

None of them are stupid pictures at all!! I'm rather enjoying seeing your very pretty face!

Himbly said...

aww...thanks, Ian. Liar!


Ian Scott said...

hehehe.. I'm not lying at all!!

Anyhow, you're welcome :)

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