Sunday, February 04, 2007

Because I don't have skinny legs

I really wish I could join the skinny pants thing. Seriously.

Because if I could, then I could tuck my pants into my boots the way I've wanted to for millions of years. Probably my past lives.

In response, however, I have taken to tucking my pants into my boots, and then only doing my boots halfway up so that it looks like I just pulled them on to trek out wherever. 'Cause that's actually what I'm doing...pulling them on to trek out to wherever.

I'm hoping this look will catch on.

Oh...quick story:

The other day I was on the C-train and one of those emo that what they call them? Like goth for the new millenium? Anyway, she sat down across from me and wistfully looked ahead with her big doe eyes. Another emo kid (ugh...ear plugs...gross) crossed the train just to hang out nervously by her. He CLEARLY wanted to talk to her, but couldn't gather the courage. He would stare at her and pace. Sit in the seat across the AISLE (eff you, Joe) from her and glance over at her a zillion times. Once he even stood behind her (by the door) and sat on the (dirty dirty) floor while thumbing through his (already in hand) journal.

It was really funny. I kept trying to catch her eye so that I could (with my eyes) direct her attention to him. However, she kept catching the first part of that plan and probably thinks I'm some weird older gay stalker.

I bet he writes a poem about it.


dan said...

Emo girls are hawt!

Himbly said...

Emo love is the hottest!

Modhalizer said...

hello honey! i just have to say that there is no *quick* to your stories... love you and miss you!

Himbly said...



I'm so happy to hear from you that 's all I can say!

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