Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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Yep yep yep yep...these are my new fingerless elbow-length gloves. Loving. Them.

Who asked for practicality? I'm doing my master's in linguistics! What do I know about practical??

Check out on the next pic how my hand is in 'game ready' position.


Reg said...


I'm here for the boobies.

So where are they?

Himbly said...

I replaced them with knitting.

But my shameless shot at getting more hits worked!

Reg said...

You could at least be knitting a bra or a thong! While were on the topic of knitting, what is the difference between knitting and crocheting anyway?

Reg said...

Hold up. Your grandma was from Poland? That is very interesting.


Had any paczki lately?

Himbly said...

Knitting is two straight needles and crochet is done with one needle with a hook at the end. I knit because I figure that one needle will probably take me twice as long to finish stuff.

Himbly said...

Yeah...she's from Poland. Unfortunately, they moved to Scotland after the war (my grandfather was stationed there) and most of the family was born there. So...I never learned Polish...sadly.

Reg said...

Himbly, My family came to Canada a long time ago, I can't speak Polish either. Paczki (pronounced 'Pooch Key') is a polish donut. It doesn't have a hole in it (insert polish joke here) - like a jelly filled donut - without the powder on it. The donut is filled with sweet prunes and dipped in glaze. I get them in Toronto when I'm there. Sticky, sweet and fatty. Mmmmm.


Ian Scott said...

A Scottish Pole. Interesting.

In the past, I've done well in the Caber Toss :P

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