Tuesday, February 27, 2007

oh jesus crap

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Yeah...I know. Actually, ~I~ didn't need to see a pic of me, either, but I'm just in love with the camera I got working so there. Plus, I got my hair highlighted, too, bitches.

Long time no bloggity. Reading week was ~sans~ relaxation...only sickness, recovery and adrenaline when I realized my sickness had put me back a whole lot. Got what I needed to do done (not 100% pleased with some of my work...dang it) but managed to pull it all off without getting too badly scathed. Long week ahead of me, though...hella long week.

We got TV! I haven't had cable for years 'cept for awhile when I lived with eeners or dated guys with TV. Firstly, ummm....I'm not so certain cable's worth it. I mean, I don't want to give it up right away....hell, I could be wrong...but except cooking shows and a little show called:

The Flavor of Love

*cue angels*

Jesus H. OldSkoolHipHop....what is there to say? It stirs up so many emotions inside me.

oh...I've got to run. I'll finish this later

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