Thursday, December 01, 2005

GQ Man of the Year

GQ Man of the Year
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Now, really...I don't give a rat's ass about GQ or its Man of the Year.

But I'm so sick of Jennifer Aniston and everyone's bullshit pity and happiness over watching her 'get back on her feet'.

I'm not going to go into the Brad, Angelina and Jennifer thing here. Gawd. Go to any supermarket and all the research is right in front of you.

And after you read all that...we still have no idea what really happened. Who cares? Its between them.

But what exactly is important if you're to be a GQ Man of the Year? When your partners in that prize are Vince Vaughn and 50 cent, probably not much...but what I would like to bring up is that JA is the first female 'Man' of the Year because she "exhibited a lot of poise, unbelievable amount of grace and good humor this year."

So...because she didn't pull a Medea on us that she's deserving of the 'Man' of the Year award?

"Heck, Jenny-poo...the way you handled that whole marriage thing...that was mighty manly of ya..."

and a hearty slap on the back

I understand that the media must be a total bitch to deal with...really, I do. But, after the wound healed a bit (and after public interest into how she was doing grew), who released her story in an exclusive to Vanity Fair that flew off the shelves?

They had a harder time keeping the contents of that interview secret than they did a couple of months previous revealing who Deep Throat was.

Now...another point. What the eff is she doing on the cover accepting the honour of "Man of the Year" with her shirt off like she's in a Maxim spread? Take your shirt of for photoshoots, by all means...but don't you think it's a little tacky when the other Men of the Year get to keep their shirts on?

pfft...Man of the Year. She gets it by keeping her cool when her husband leaves her. Irony is that Angelina Jolie was only recognized by the effing UN for all the goodwill work she's done.

She gets called a 'homewrecker'.

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