Saturday, December 10, 2005

going mental

good laugh
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7 days left

1 - final exam
1 - take home final
1 - 15pg paper go...



anyway...I live above a restaurant, right? So, they've taken to playing Xmas music.

I hate Xmas music.

I'm not a Scrooge...I don't hate Xmas or's okay.

But I can't STAND Xmas music and I especially can't stand those little toys that you press an effing button and then it plays a cute little christmas carrol as if the dog, snowman, santa, elf, construction worker, police man, leather guy, native indian, or sailor is singing it themselves and they've got one of those in the mailroom at work and me and one of the women who work there are going to sneak in there and bash it into smithereens with a 3-hole punch if they continue to play it and laugh as though it was the fucking cutest thing they've ever seen since the birth of their hare-lipped, club footed, bow legged, bowl hair cutted grandchildren.


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