Friday, April 22, 2005

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Last night I was at a casting session for 2-5 year old little girls.

(I was there to start training on how to run a camera for these things since it's my friends' business and they're run off their feet at the moment.)

I don't know if these auditions were for a movie or for TV but I do know one thing....piles of little girls dressed up and eager are really really funny.

I ~could~ tell you a ton of stories about what each little girl did that was cuter than the last...but everyone within a 10m radius of me has heard/is hearing/will hear those yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, so I won't do it here. However, I will tell you that if I have a little girl that is in a performance situation, I will put her in pants as it's much more difficult to pull those over your head when you're nervous. I will tell you that now instead of a puppy, I want a daughter...but I realize they're harder to chain up in the backyard. I also will tell you that little girls really enjoy saying 'shit' when their dad says they're allowed.

Can you imagine what my bf had to deal with when I got home?

But most of all, I just wanted to mention this:

The woman who was directing the casting session was quite brilliant at eliciting the response she wanted from each of the little girls. Not all of them did what she asked, but she achieved a much higher success rate than I I call it 'brilliant'.

For instance, each little girl was asked to perform a song. If they seemed they would sing with a little bit of encouragement, the casting director would start singing (ABC, Itsy Bitsy Spider, or even songs she didn't know) wrong and the girls would not be able to help correcting her by singing the song in full. So it would go like this:

CD: "oh! Itsy Bitsy Spider is my favourite song! It goes like this:

Itsy Bitsy Elephant
Went down the wall
And it started to rain..."

kid: "nooooo! It's like this..."

And she would stand up and sing the song as well as she could...~with~ the actions.

Watching this, it finally hit me.

I've never grown past that stage of development.

Jesus, I've only ~just~ grown past the lifting my dress when I'm nervous phase!

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