Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The day before yesterday, NASA celebrated another triumph of engineering when they managed to steer their probe straight into a comet.


Now they have data. Lots.

I have to admit, every time I hear of something like this my first reaction is 'holy crap! nice work, everyone.' They ~steered an effing probe into a comet~! Congratulations, Science. Very impressive.

Then I think of all the money that could come from that research to help us here on Earth...but then I think, 'but they ~steered a probe into an effing comet~!'. But still...holy $$$.

and now they're being sued

by a Russian astrologer for tampering with the future of civilization.

and that's funny...but then you've got to think that we've already made some pretty big mistakes here on it really wise of us to go up into space and start tinkering there?


If we need proof that things have gone a little weird since the whole comet-slamming thing, I've got some:

1- My new hero Matt Striker.

2- My other new hero Russian Drag Cheater.

3- That anyone cares what Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schoeder, and Vlad Putin think about British
and Finnish cuisine.

Actually...that last one I don't think anyone but the media (and maybe cooks) care.'s funny.

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