Monday, May 08, 2006

If I had a picture, I'd show you...

I finished my first straight-outta-my-head-gettin'-down-wit-the-knitty project.

Stripedy legwarmers.

Right. Effing. On.

However...they're a little too big and they're more like stripedy anklewarmers.

I say 'a little too big'...g-damn...they fit on a friend's head.

I still love 'em. I'm wearing them now.

In other news...

My marks came in...*proud*. I'm halfway through the text my syntax prof wanted me to read...*proud*. I'm waiting on a huge gift from which will include three phonology texts, a knitting socks book, and a Vinyl Cafe cd.

What am I? 80?

I decided to go the high road at work and tell them straight out that I"m quitting to pursue lovely linguistics in Sept, but I wanted to work full time during the summer. They said yes. I had to check again, but they really didn't mind. So, I'm adjusting to my once again new schedule and spending the down time at work (there's lots, currently) practicing my sentence trees and trying to figure out a thesis...and knitting.

I, like, totally get paid for this shit, yo. With monthly bonuses. Too bad I can't stand the thought of another year of dead end oil and gas jobs, because as far as dead end oil and gas jobs's hard to beat.

Physically, I'm not sure my body is quite out of the crazy school phase since I'm still suffering from anxiety periodically without knowing why. I'll just wait it out, I guess.

uh..what else?

Nothing really...just excited for the future.


Ian Scott said...

I always had a fetish of some sort for chicks that wore legwarmers!

Himbly said...

Hey Ian! Glad to see you!

dude...these are less legwarmers and more 'anklemuffs'

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