Sunday, January 23, 2005


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While I'm at it, I think I ought to pass on some links that I think are purdy durn interesting.

Fer instance:

1/ Hands. This guy collects pictures of hands. I used to go to chat sites and request pictures of people's bellies with my name written on them, but no one did it. Effers. This guy's got a ~ton~ of hands.

(hey...I'd forgotten all about that project. If anyone wants to do it, feel free.)

2/ Skeletons. Ever wonder what your favorite cartoon character would look like a few years after they died? This guy has the answer.

3/ Living. She takes the coolest photos of live animals and insects doing what they do.

4/ Alice. If you love stuff, you'll love this. Alice in wonderland done by the nifty little designers at FGA.

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