Friday, August 19, 2005

The other day...

The Hardhat
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I want to try to relate to you what I saw the other day.

It was something that's not quite left my mind and has had me periodically giggling since.

I was hot-footing it to workland the other morning and closing in fast. Whilst crossing the intersection that would lead me straight into my building, I was met by a petite, pretty, serene-looking Asian woman crossing the other way.

She had long, dark hair, was dressed girlishly in a light skirt and blouse. She was perched precariously atop of an old-style, slightly rickity bike. The type of bike that you can hear as it passes you, you know?

Anyway, she was looking nervous.

Clearly the art of bicycle riding and she had not made fast friends. Unlike the MEC-clad cyclists that had blazed past me that morning, she was slightly wobbly...but determined.

Now, none of this struck me enough that I would feel the need to type this on my blog today, except that on her head, where a proper bike-helmet belonged, sat a white hardhat.

And it wasn't sitting right, either. It was kinda migrating to the back of her head, and turned itself around so that the brim was somewhere out of my sight.

And I was in front of her.

As I passed this adorably hazzardous scene (and she passed me) I heard behind me a


and the squeal of tires.

I tried to think good thoughts for her for the rest of the day.

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