Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jumpin' Jeee-hosephat!

Assumption gym
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I'm back in school.


yeah, I know.

Tuesday was my first day, but I've been reading so durn much since then that I didn't manage to get time to blog about it.

First day was cool. It took me about an hour to calm down enough to realize it was cool, but it was cool.

Beats the crap outta workin'...which I'm still doing, but on a part-time basis.

Oh, by the way. The lame picture with this post is of my elementary school gym. GO PANTHERS!

(I still remember those stupid terrycloth just-barely-not-underwear' gym shorts they made the girls wear)

So. A few notes about my after-8-years-return-to-school. Or maybe I should explain why I've returned after 8 years and am currently still doing undergrad stttuuuufff.

I'm eventually going to grad school...however, I need to up my GPA a little, get to know my profs a little, etc a little, to do so. So, I took this year to do just that. Which means, I'm taking mostly linguistics courses ('cause they're my favourite) and a Greek and Roman Studies course (myth and lit) because it was one of the few courses left over that would fit into my schedule neatly.

Man. Everyone's so YOUNG. The bad news is that most of the girls on campus are skinnier than me. The good news is that I could probably take them all in a fight.

Even my little cousin (19) said, 'my god! the first years are so YOUNG!'

*slitting my wrists*

Linguistics classes are the same. First day of school. Not sure if you're in the right class. Look around. All chicks? Yup, right class.

And the profs STILL ask any boy that comes in on the first day if he realizes this is linguistics. 50% of the time he'll go, 'oh!' and turn to walk out the door.


Does anyone out there know anything about West Greenlandic?

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