Sunday, September 18, 2005

a theory

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At school, I encounter many young women between 18 and, say, 22.

...and when I say 'encounter' I mean 'get stuck behind a group of them when I am in a hurry'.

...and when I say 'get stuck behind a group of them when I'm in a hurry' I, of course, mean 'I get stuck behind many groups of them when I'm in a hurry'.

It is for this reason I devised a theory as to why this phenomenon occurs...and why this phenomenon occurs has something to do with this:

They've never carried enough weight.

All of those young ladies' high metabolisms have made it so they've never carried much weight on their little frames. Which, surely, means they've not developed the leg muscles or the cardio fitness to walk fast and purposefully to their next class.

Stay with me...

To cover for their inabilities, they travel in packs with other slow moving girls and their constant chatter is a way of dealing with the fact they are forced to take short, shallow breaths.

And that, my darlings, is why I get stuck behind them.


Rob Huck said...

I suggest you stop showering for a few days, wear dirty clothes and begin to mutter under your breath. That's what I do and no one wants to walk anywhere near me.

Himbly said...

I can't. I'm too wicked.


thanks for the link, huck.

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