Friday, September 23, 2005

my new addiction newest addiction is doing homework. I can't wait to start when I get home.

I hope this lasts. new addiction before that (and one that keeps on truckin') is this:

fruit smoothies

After a talk with my hairdresser (about 6 weeks ago or so), I decided to ~drastically~ cut down the sugar in my diet. No sweets, no pop, less processed food...the sugar I put in coffee and tea and the stuff you find in other foods is enough.

But, how to satisfy my sweet craving?

Dude...flavoured (active) yogurt (I've been crazy about goat yogurt), soy milk and whatever fruit you have laying around the house. Blender.

oh my god, they are delicious!

As for the 'less sugar' thing, I am now evangelizing this to every man, woman and child I see. I've even convinced my mother and my father is leaning towards conversion. I feel great.

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