Saturday, February 11, 2006

time to rethink that pompadour

Originally uploaded by himbly.
A conversation the other day -the nature of which would be too long to get into here- lead me to the following statement:

(reworked slightly as I thought it through)


Even goths know that 15 rockabillies anywhere is the international symbol for intense lameness ahead.

I stand by it.

Thank you.


Himbly said...

I counted. That picture only has 9 rockabillies, so that does not mean that my blog is going to suck any more than it already does in the future.

particlechord said...

retronaut somehow I believe that I have heard that term before to decribe rockabillies, somewhere in calgary... I have finally found my identity and I conform astonishingly well for a human.
my camoflage is the suburban paradise. an oasis cave fetish.
no they don't ruin your website the nine embrace it unknowingly

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