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The funniest thing...

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I went to the doctor today...

About a month ago, I noticed....

...well, you know when you've got a dry throat and you swallow a pill or bit of food or something? You know that stuck feeling? That's what I had. I noticed that it felt as though something was caught in my throat. I was in the midst of tests, papers, and assignments, so I wasn't able to deal with it. I said to myself that it was probably stress, so if it didn't clear up after I was finished all these things, I'd see someone about it.

Aside from that, the bulk of my time was spend on assignments in my Speech Pathology class and I know my own psychology enough to know that it was entirely possible that some sort of psychosomatic thing was going on. I'd studied so much on throat defects.

The 6th came...that was the day I was clear of all that school stuff. I worked at "day-work" all day, and then went to the theatre that night...finished working at midnight. I came home and I started to fret. I was certain I had some sort of throat cancer. I tossed and turned that night until 2:30'ish quitely crying so that I wouldn't wake up bf. I decided I needed to see the doctor.

I went today (long story as to why not friday). I want to say here that if you live in the Mission area of Calgary and you want to go to the walk-in clinic on 4th and 23rd...don't. The doctor is pompus, arrogant and won't listen to you. After 5 minutes of talking to me, he asked me if I was hoarse! He'd been listening to me...shouldn't he know if I was hoarse?

Blah blah blah...the upshot of this is:

I called my mum (as one does) and explained how the dr. swabbed my throat and sent me out, but I was not satisfied because I was certain my problem was not an infection. My cousin happened to be over visting Mum. She (my cousin) called me back and told me how, apparently, a few of my family members get this with intense stress. She (they had discovered she had a brain tumor soon after she had her baby) was so freaked out that she choked on tea because her throat felt just like mine did.

The doctor told her it was stress and if she stopped thinking about it, it would go away. She said, once she heard that, it was gone in two days.

I talked to her at 5'ish. It's 2am now and my throat feels almost back to normal.

Weird, hey?

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