Sunday, July 16, 2006



I've lost my legwarmers!


Himbly said...

found 'em

Ian Scott said...

Whew! Glad you found them! If I ever get a chance to get to Calgary, hope you'll be wearing them too! :P

Actually, just might be in the Calgary area next summer - The Bow river will be the venue for the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.

Himbly said...

Hey! You're back! How are things?

Too hot for legwarmers...I've been making them for friends in order to have a 'crew' so I don't feel so alone with them on this fall/winter.

Ian Scott said...

I've been ok.. sick as a dog for two weeks - I seem to get sick about once every ten years, and when I get the flu or cold bug or whateever it is, I REALLY get it.

And when I got it this time, it really sucked.. right in the middle of summer.. oh well.

Hopefully when I visit, it won't be too warm for leg warmers.. even if they are just over bare legs ;)

I can't seem to help my fetish for women that wear leg warmers! hehe.

Maybe I'll put in an order while you are making them.

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