Sunday, July 16, 2006

"They're equal now, so why don't they shut up?"

I've heard that spoken. Recently. More than once. About women. In different words.

To be honest, I'm not prepared to go into a feminist (and pro-male, too) rant about inequality between the genders. It's something I feel and can discuss when I'm with someone on my same page, but am not equipped yet to write about it at any length.

You see...I've gone through a feministic renewal. As one ought to in one's life one undergoes many metamorphoses and I have undergone one recently (or rather, am currently undergoing one). So, as it is often the case in these situations, I'm unable to coherently discuss said ch-ch-ch-changes (Bowie).

It would be difficult to make sense of it on paper/keyboard & monitor right now. Much like the linguistics post I keep working on and I'm not happy with.

Anyway...the point of all this yibber yabber is that I read this and I think she (The Hot Librarian) expresses herself beautifully.

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