Saturday, January 14, 2006


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Are there not rules to shared laundryrooms?

I mean, I have what I think are some pretty good guidelines, but I must be crazy because people are animals!

Are you with me on these?

rules (in order of appearance (in my head)):

- when starting a batch of laundry, IF someone else has claimed the machines first, then you must wait a reasonable time for them to finish their run. They have dibs. Unless it's an emergency and you need to get just one load done.

- If there are more than one set of washers/dryers in the laundry space, you are not allowed to take up all of them in order to have all your clothes washed faster. You must stick to one washer/dryer set. Maybe two if you need to get them done fast and there's three sets in the room. Okay, basically, leave a washer and dryer for someone else.

- If someone leaves their clothes in the washing machine or dryer after the cycle has finished, you are NOT to remove those clothes unless a reasonable amount of time has passed. I usually allow two more visits to the laundryroom spaced about 15 minutes apart. 30 min is reasonable time to take laundry out, but 5 is not. I hate when people do that to me.

Okay..I think that's the basics. Am I out of my mind? I think all of these sound reasonable, but there's always some pushy laundry a-hole in every building, I guess.

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