Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tagged, hey?

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oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god...

I've been tagged by this guy and I've never done this before...

*fret* write 5 things that are weird about me?

Is that what it's about?

'kay...after thinking about it, I decided it's best not to think about it and let the 5 things flow through:

*deep breath*

here we go:

1- There are two types of salads I make as comfort food. Both were invented by me at the age of 16 in response to 'fending for myself' while my father worked out of town, and neither have changed much since that time. It is usually important to me that the ingredients to at least one of these salads is in my fridge at given time.

2- I handraised a ton of baby birds when I was a kid, mainly pigeons or robins.

I probably know more about pigeons than you do.

3- I cannot STAND when people leave the top off of good pens. Cheap ballpoints, I don't care about but good pens...drives me batty. In fact, I have an affinity for all good stationary...I am the stationary whisperer.

4- I get terribly paranoid about people overhearing my conversations, even when they're not about someone (good or bad). I used to have a habit of constantly checking to see if my cell was on, until I got my sweet sweet flip-phone.

5- I have sort of half-assed followed Danny Elfman's career since I was a kid and Oingo Boingo was "big". I liked his name when I first heard it and I remember him looking kinda nice crazy and red-headed. Then I started seeing his name on films. When I bought PeeWee's Big Adventure on DVD and heard his commentary, a lot of things fell into place.

Other careers I've followed/cheered on: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Mark Mothersbaugh. now I pick people to tag?

black mana if he ever blogs again.

eeners who is the only person with a blog who's likely to even see this post.

You're it!

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