Monday, January 02, 2006

well, lemme tell ya

I'm drinking red wine (for 'red wine' read 'truth serum'), what to do next but blog?

though...all the beautifully put phrases that have been floating through my head all day have disappeared....


Xmas came and went.

New Year's eve and day came and went.


I'm hesitant to 'recap' or anything...2005 was a twisty-turny year for me

I did a 'friend overhaul'

I felt betrayed...alot

but I also found out that nothing's perfect...bittersweet, lamegood, fucktard...

I moved into an apartment I hate with a man I love

I started working part time and going to school full time

I had a pretty frantic and pretty rewarding semester

I, for the first time in years, saw a project from beginning to completion with a real sense of accomplishment

I was gonna start knitting again, but I can't find my durn needles

I learned that even if you spend a semester doing stuff you did while you were doing your still don't know what you want to be when you grow up

I suffered, and still currently suffer, from one of the biggest bouts of self doubt I've ever had

and if I get drunker, I may whine about that, too.

so..when 2005 rolled away last night and 2006 crawled met me with a nod and I showed it where it sits

I plied it with liquor so that it might be nice...but then I think I just got drunk and started bitching about it's younger brother

I got more gift certificates than I can possibly use...that's a lie. I'll use them. So back off.

Xmas was kinda weird. Xmas eve is a P-tradition in which the family gets together and shows each other how weird they've gotten over the past year. Award this year goes to cousin S because she's obviously worked very hard on her pathological lying. I sat wide eyed as she spun tales of complete and utter horseshit whilst trying to give my bf the best view of her cleavage as she possibly could. Atta girl. And she's only 24.

I get a smaller prize for not laughing while my mother punctuated each fantastic fabrication with a kick under the table.

Boxing day was at the farm with my dad and his gf. Lots of tea (damn, LOTS of tea), lots of laughing, lots of pigeons, lots of dogs.

My dad has peacocks.

And his toilet works, so I didn't have to pee behind the chicken coop.


Happy frickin' New Year

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