Thursday, September 28, 2006

I swear on a stack of myspace profiles

Short post today, and very probably not well thought out.

But, I have a confession to make. You know that little link on my sidebar? The one that tells you cheerily that you, too, can click it and 'be my friend' at myspace? I'm addicted to that little underlined linked beauty.

Know why? 'Cause *deep breath*...I stalk Calgarians. I don't get out much these days. My friends, well, although there's always ~something~ going on, it's rarely due to their own stupidity because they don't have much of that anymore. None of it is the real gritty type gossip that I miss and that I used to have regular contact with through dating complete f-ups and knowing their friends. None of it is the type of gossip you can acquire 3 pints in while people watching at a crusty (yet popular) pub. Enter myspace.

I read about myspace and the total douchebags that rule it in Vanity Fair. I was, however, amazed. Like shitting, myspace is another in that list of 'great levelers'. My profile/page is just as accessable as K-Fed's and his is as accessable as Noam Chomsky's. We all had to 'sign up', we all had to gussy it up the way we wanted, we all have the option to gussy it up more, if we choose. We all write, or dont' write. We all accept friends, or don't accept friends. We're equal in this universe the internet provides us.

Then I found the pictures. Hey! I recognise that guy! Hey! I know that girl! Hey! They write stuff about their lives and, if you read between the lines, it's pure hilarity...or it's sad. Sometimes. But so is dirty, dirty gossip...which I love!

If I ruled it, though....I'd ban the option for anyone really over 18 to set it to private. Stuck up bitches.


Rjak said...

Two comments on this fine blog entry...

1) I was reading about Hugo Chavez declaring how sad he was that he never got to meet Noam Chomsky before his death. A chill went down my spine!! I checked Wikipaedia....hmmm...they say he's still alive. Read a bit further and learned Chavez was just a little fuckwitted about Chomsky. This of course set off a whole bunch of reading about Mark Twain being reported dead and his FUCKING AWESOME quote "The reports about my death have been greatly exaggerated". Internet FTW.

2) Thank you for having the first MySpace page I've ever seen which isn't completely fucking revolting. I hate MySpace. More than words or paintings could convey I hate the fuckin' thing because MySpace has enabled everyone to have a shitty, unorganized, confusing, ugly, annoying, offensive, poorly laid out and noisy home page reminiscent of 1996. Embedded, auto-play Slipknot widget on a web page FTL.

(P.S. I love you!)

Rjak said...

And by offensive, I mean in the aesthetic sense that they mostly look like thought-vomit. Not offensive as in I'm offended when girls put thier boobs up on MySpace. That's ok.

Except you.

Rjak said...

Ok....I poked around a little more amongst the people we know and it seems that everyone in the world is retarded except people you and I know.

Ahhhh...everything makes sense...

Himbly said...

Dude...let me take you on a guided tour of myspace retards.

dan said...

K-Fed happens to be my #1 myspace friend.

Himbly said...

He is #1 on my tour.

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