Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm just chillin' Bob Dylan

I know these things are a lame excuse for a post, but I've had a hard couple of days and feel like it:

(I'm sorry...I don't remember where I got this)

My Autobiography (meme)
Fill this out in your own words and repost as, "My autobiography."

1.Where did you take or get your profile picture?
On a site for Chinese propagand art. I just love that stuff...especially the space babies. Like these.

2.What exactly are you wearing right now?
*looking down*...working from the bottom up: slippers, an old cotton light blue plaid skirt, a light blue long sleeve tee, and this stupid head band I knitted that I love, but is -frankly- ugly.

3.What is your current problem?

naw...but, you know, if I start tellin', I might not stop. I've had a rouuugh day.

4.What makes you most happy?
good things. Especially if I do 'em.

5.What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
The theme music to the Alliance capitol of Stormwind. Okay, not right now I'm not, but that's the last song I listened to. Except perhaps the faint music coming up from the restaurant below, but I have no idea what song that is.

6.Has anyone you've been really close with passed away?
No...*knocking wood*. That shit gives me cold sweats.

7.Do you ever watch MTV?
No TV takes care of that question.

8.What's something that really annoys you?
When I can't do what I want (if I think it's reasonable).

Chapter 1:All About You

1.Middle name:


Lot's of 'em. Bf (and some of his friends) call me Kitten. Father calls me PooHead.

3.Current location:

4.Eye color:
White, blue, black

Chapter 2:Family

1.Do you live with your parents:
I wish. Well, no I don't, but it would be easier.

2.Do you get along with your parent(s):
Yup, both of 'em. I probably call both of them more often than I do any of my friends. Wow, that sounds lame when you type it out.

3.Are your parents married/separated/divorced:
Divorced. And how!

4.Do you have any Siblings?:
Does imaginary count? My mum wants to adopt this kid in Peru...

Chapter 3: favorite...

1. Ice Cream:
For C's b-day, we went to My Favourite Ice Cream Shop and had sundaes. I got chocolate and vanilla ice cream with all the toppin's and I've not been able to stop thinking about it since.

Summer and Fall

Aveda....very recently made the switch. I don't know if I can go back to the cheap Mane & Tail crap.

Chapter 4: Do You..

1.Dance in the shower:
Yes. Oh, I thought you said pee. Dance, no. What? With these two left feet? I'd be calling an ambulance!

2.Write on your hand:
Boy howdy! Do I? Black Mana calls my hand my 'dayplanner'. If it's something I have to remember in a few days, I write it in indelible ink!

3.Call people back:
I want to discuss this for a sec. I swear I have phone anxiety and it is so difficult for me sometimes to call people back. I really really try...but I'm SO bad at it. I am, however, an email queen.

4.Believe in love:
Yeah...duh. But it comes in many forms.

5.Sleep on a certain side of the bed
Not really. Whichever side is up for grabs. C needs to sleep on a certain side of the bed!

6. Any bad habits:
Really...we don't have all day to list my bad and disgusting habits.

7. Any mental health issues?
You tell me.

Chapter 5: Have You...

1.Broken a bone:
Fractured, yes. Broken, no.

2.Sprained stuff:
Not seriously. Like, I've never gone to a dr for it.

3.Had physical therapy?:

4.Gotten stitches:
No. I'm starting to think I was raised in a padded cell. after surgery stitches count?

5.Taken Pain killers?
Recreationally? Or for real?

6.Gone SCUBA diving or snorkeling:
Ha...funny story. But no.

7.Been stung by a bee:
Yeah...once when I was a kid, we had a bees nest in the wall of our house and bees were getting into our basement, so I took it upon myself to remove them because I was a total insect loving kid (meaning, loving to dismember them in the name of science) so every day for a few weeks I would catch the bees and let them outside (I think I was too scared to get close enough to kill them). day I forgot they could sting and grabbed one with my fingers. Pride before the fall. The End.

8.Thrown up at the dentist:
No. Thrown stuff at a, that neither.

9.Sworn in front of your parents:
I'm counting the really bad words as swearing. Probably I've slipped up in front of my mother, but I really really try not to. My dad, I can swear but I can only say the f-word and related items when I'm quoting someone or I'm really really upset.

10.Had detention:
I think only once...but not after school detention. We used to have a friday afternoon movie thing at our school. You couldn't go if your name was put into, what they called, 'the black book' that week. I only got my name in the black book once in all of elementary and that wasn't my fault. Mrs. Pelzner (sp?) was a mean bitch.

I did, however, get myself banned from the home ec. room in grade 9. There is something ironic there that I'm not able to tease out yet.

11.Been sent to the principal's office:
Nah. I was really good. Oh high school, I think I got sent to the VP office.

12.Been called a ho?
Umm...I don't know people who use the word 'ho' that regularly. Maybe I have. I'm sure I've been called a lot of things.

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last

Rocky Horror Picture Show...see previous posts for that little disaster story.

2.Person to text you:
Black Mana. His last text ended with the words, "...I fill the room with laughter and crap." hehehehe...that still breaks me up.

3.Person you called:
My father.

4.Person you hugged:
C...then I tried to give him a wedgie.

5.Person you tackled?
Tickled or tackled? My grandmother...both things.

6.Thing you touched:
keyboard. Before that, mouse. Before that, my face.

7.Thing you ate:
A comfort salad. However, I was so stressed when I ate it that I felt sick afterwards.

8.Thing you drank:
water. I'm thirsty now.

9.Thing you said:
*coming back from kitchen*..."Aaaahhhhhh"

10.Friend you miss the most that has moved:
Oh man...really, it's a toss up between Ivana, Black Mana, and Anita. But I miss all my friends that have moved.


Rjak said...

I am *injured* that you did NOT include Snuffy as a nickname. Heretofore and forthwith and from this point forward I solemnly declare that I shall oh what the fuck I'm too lazy yeranassholeimtoocoolforspacesandpunctuationanyway.

Himbly said...

oh god! yes! you're right!

How can I ever repa---ah fuck it. Deal with your heartache yourself.


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