Tuesday, September 05, 2006



Here I am. It's 10:03 on a 'work day' and I'm not at work. Though I am not 'unemployed' in the complete sense, I am 'unemployed' in the more than partial sense of the word. Friday was the last day of receiving those types of cheques where you can throw a little into savings, throw a little at some debt, pay bills, buy those things that are essential and then use the rest for buying those things that are not essential.

what have I done?

Actually, even though I kept waking up this morning and thinking to myself, 'do I get up? no, I have nowhere to go. But I should still get up. But I don't have to....' and on and on until I finally did get up and was dressed before C had left for work, I'm not really that freaked out. I guess planning this since 2004 kinda takes the edge off.

It's still weird, though.

If you read my comments in the last post, you pretty much by now know why Sunday night was a freakout. All things worked out at the end, but I armed myself with a full watergun when people left the theatre lest someone mention the shitty projection that night. It sat in my lap in full view of everyone who passed on their way out. A defiant look sat on my face.

no it didn't. The look, that is. I was smiling. But the water pistol indeed was there and I was ready to use it.

It occurs to me now how surreal it must've looked to have my collegue Phil and I hastily dismantling our trusty FP30 projector bathed in sweat from the heat and panic with me in jeans and a t-shirt and Phil in fishnets and a corset. I adore absurdity and I'm gloriously happy that absurdity seems to like me just fine. It at least likes to spend time with me occasionally.

Anyway...what now? I've taken a 2 1/2 week break from reading and now I've got to get back on it. School starts on Monday and all things are cool. I think I was successful in getting those ducks in rows and training them to guard the shit in piles.

Shout out to the main man Dan who managed to get himself out of this fair city and a good few kilometers into his new adventure! Happy trails, my friend. Good thing you were gone 'cause it could have been you that was on the receiving end of a panicked phonecall at 12:30 am!

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