Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have just GOT to get my camera operational

No time these days. When I'm not reading, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm in class. When I'm not doing any of these things, I'm either asleep or defiantly surfing the web for knitting patterns.

And I can hardly wait to start taking pictures of my yarn stash like the other knit bloggers do because I seriously go from blog to blog to see their yarn stashes. And that was not sarcasm. I like to see pics of yarn stashes and projects.

My iPod crashed today and I was bummed all day about it. Finally, it died (it was stuck on 'bright, shiney, and almost rarin' to go for hours)...

GODDAMN WHO'S YAPPY DOG IS THAT??? bet it's JB. You can hear his freaky little dog for blocks. iPod's working again, but I did fret like a new and worried mother who's pediatrician was out of the office. I could hardly wait to hook my baby back up to it's tech-mother who would know how to soothe and care for it. My iMac is like the wetnurse for my iPod...jesus, was that an easy analogy to make or what??

If you were to take a, say Stewie Griffin, and use one 30-60 sec bit of footage of him talking (say, to Brian on the couch, like they do) and then just take the soundtrack off and put another one on, how much would you notice the lack of sync between the lip movements and what they are saying. could probably help me with this one.

And before anyone accuses me of getting high and thinking that up...accuse again. My prof, a classmate and I had a fairly decent conversation about this stuff today.

Jacqui, if you're reading should have come in a bit earlier.

Don't you wish you were studying phonology? Again, not sarcasm.


Rjak said...

You didn't say what soundtrack you're replacing the original soundtrack with.

If you replace the original soundtrack with the soundtrack of a scene from "Ingenue Dyke Pussy 'n' Ass #47", then I'd say the lack of sync would be pretty obvious.

Himbly said...


no...replace the original soundtrack with Stewie (for instance) saying something else...for the same length of time. This is on the fly here, but bear with me.

You've got a 20 sec. cut of Stewie talking to Brian. Replace that soundtrack with a different 20 sec cut of Stewie talking to Brian...the difference here being that it is not one the animators drew the animation for.

There has been some evidence that mouth and head movement attribute to our understanding of what is being said. So, how much does it affect us when a cartoon says something? I've noticed that animators often will round the lips for words that involve lip rounding. They will show the teeth for dental sounds and they will open the mouth wide for vowels such as 'aw'. What happens when these things are not in sync?

This came from me watching My Name is Earl's last show of the season "the lost pilot episode" and the fact that we were talking about lip rounding for the 'sh' sound in class. My prof noticed that a cartoon he saw really exagerated the lip rounding for a character who was saying 'shhh' but the interesting part about that is that lip rounding is not a significant feature in the production of 'sh', but English speakers do it to accentuate the difference between that and 's' (Keyser and Stevens (2006)).

In case you're wondering, and stop here if you're not, the significant features of 'sh' is to put your tongue behind the bump that lies behind your teeth and constrict the continuous airflow so that it swirls down behind your lower teeth. Another important feature is that your vocal cords don't vibrate. But the lip rounding is not part of what makes 'sh' a 'sh'.

Just sayin'...probably someone already knows the answer to my cartoon problem.

Ian Scott said...

You ever interested in taking on an Aran Sweater project?

Himbly said...

Sweaters? Nah, too far out of my league at the moment. I'm liking the small projects because a large one will never get done. Not much time for the knitty, I"m afraid.

Ian Scott said...

Heh.. ok :) I want a new Aran Wool sweater. I had a beautiful one, purchased in Dongegal years ago, until my ex went and shrunk it on me, washing it.

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