Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah, I got stuff to talk about...

But I don't have time at the moment, so you get this:

oh snap!

Hey...I like Vincent Gallo. Aside from seeming more than a bit like a creepy prick, I think he's hawt. But the girls at Fug are right, and more than just a little funny. I suggest reading their page for good times while you're wresting with a paper or something.

But, really, I've read Vincent Gallo's webpage...he sounds like a dick. Loved Buffalo 66 but not that interested to watch Chloe S. give him a blow job in...whatever it was...I'd look, but time is running out.

I gots to get to school so that I can spend the next 3 hours "chasing the cow's tail" (as my friend Jacqui so beautifully put it) and collapse into a heap of doubt afterwards. Wish me luck!


Rob Huck said...

"Brown Bunny".

I got to see that, if only for the noteriety.

Himbly said...

Yeahhhh..that's the one. Yeah, I'll watch it one day...hell, how many times did I watch Gummo, I owe Brown Bunny a chance. But I've passed it by at the vid store tons.

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