Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Moral Matrix

as soon as I can figure out how to post the results for this properly, my cut/paste job will have to do.

Your Score

Your scored -2 on the Moral Order axis and 1 on the Moral Rules axis.


The following items best match your score:
System: Socialism
Variation: Moderate Socialism
Ideologies: Social Democratism
US Parties: Democratic Party
Presidents: Jimmy Carter (90.12%)
2004 Election Candidates: John Kerry (86.02%), Ralph Nader (82.32%), George W. Bush (59.25%)


Of the 29876 people who took the test:
1.1% had the same score as you.
22.7% were above you on the chart.
70.5% were below you on the chart.
48.1% were to your right on the chart.
27% were to your left on the chart.

"Jimmy Carter?? That's history's biggest monster!"

Actually, I prefer a smaller government than this makes me seem. At least I ~think~ I do...maybe not.

And thanks Bumf for the quiz.


eener said...

I did it too...we were pretty close. Posted mine on my blogitty blog...hope you don't mind.

Himbly said...

Of course I don't mind.

I think I'm a ~little~ less red than the test makes me seem. Maybe not.

Rob Huck said...

Hey, that's not so bad. A little off centre. Jeez, I was neck and neck with Ronald Reagan.

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