Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dork Kingdom

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I really try not to take a 'gender-view' when someone treats me like sidewalk gum.


...sometimes a girl just can't help it. 'Specially when the dorks in question are ~men~...and they happen to be treating ~other men~ as if they both were mensa-brothers.

I'm reasonably descent at both my jobs. I don't ask for much help, I'm able to think out most problems on my own. I try to stay on top of things.

I make mistakes, but nothing tragic or dreadfully stupid.

And the people who I work with ~generally~ are complimentary and appreciative. I've heard 'good gossip' about myself.

Its the people I don't directly work with that feel the need to take a crap on my poor head. And, the funny thing is that when i say, 'hey! you just took a crap on my head!' the little bitches get all nervous and ignore it. Good lord! Either stand up for yourself or talk behind my back.


Anyway...I wrote this entry badly. I would erase it, but I really want to post that pic of the fat kid in a viking outfit.

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