Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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My blog has taken a turn for the worse. Well...I suppose not ~worse~ worse, but I never wanted post after post of 'this is what I did today', 'this is how I feel today' sorta crap...

...but then again...who cares?

So, I continue. I mean, since school started, I've not had time to think of real things. Going to a lecture on Thursday from the guy who did The Corporation, so that'll get me outside myself for a little while.

(yay! I hear from the left....boo! I hear from the right)

So...I feel great tonight.

And it ain't only the two ciders I've had. Though, I am cut. So forgive me if you do decide to continue.

however, my body doesn't feel all that great.

let me 'splain...

when I was a younger lady...I used to get stressed...and then get sick immediately when said stress ended.

but I'd growed up now...

For the past coupla weeks, this stupid paper was haunting me. I could go into detail as to why this paper was particularly painful, but I won't 'cause I'll sound like a dork. It was due today...and I also had a midterm.

'no problem', I thought, 'I can handle it'. And I did...mostly...I mean, I'm not sick, right?

I got more and more anxious to have these things out of the way.

Woke up this morning (after a week of semi-bad sleep) and my neck was a bit sore.

*shrug*...I slept on it wrong.

But I was eager to see the back end of that paper..and write the midterm and be done...

Handed in paper...went to second class and by the end of it, my neck was so sore that I could barely move my head.

Now I've handed in the paper, wrote the test, and I'm no longer on the verge of tears. My head, however, remains stationary.

G-damn my neck hurts.

And that, children, is apparently how I deal with stress. Oh, that and crying in the bathroom at work.

I've seriously got to work on my blog-writing skills...


eener said...

"but I never wanted post after post of 'this is what I did today', 'this is how I feel today' sorta crap..."

don't read mine then! all i CAN do is think about myself and how others want to hear about it. because my life is a whirling dervish of good times. and as kirky says, "you sure do spin a good yarn". i think you should take over my blog, you always told better renee stories than i ever could.


I think only two people read mine anyway...other than myself

Himbly said...

oh drag...I totally just wrote this comment back and it didn't work.

what did I say, now?

First, I told you I read your blog all the time.

Second, I told you that I secretly ~love~ blogs that talk about what they do every day. I read them all the time.

Third, I told you that you should write in yours more 'cause I hate when blogs I read aren't updated. heh.

Fourth, I told you that my neck hurts so bad.

That last one had nothing to do with your comment....just sayin'.

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