Tuesday, January 09, 2007

coupla things

First, Happy 60th b-day David Bowie. You're great, though I've been saying you look fantastic for 60 about 3 years now.

So, it was a couple of days ago, but thanks for your art, your talent, your ability and your clearmindedness when you championed this young man:

So, I just read this article about how Iggy Pop was not inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Every word this woman says is true. He doesn't belong there. He belongs in the memory of the first time you heard the Stooges and it made you drop everything including to your knees.

I always knew that Iggy was cool...but I didn't understand, I mean REALLY didn't understand until quite a few years ago...in a very different life with very different people...a friend came over with an old vinyl copy of Funhouse. I'd never heard anything like it before and I was stopped in my tracks. I understood then what sort of contribution he made to music history.


I started thinking while reading that article I linked to just now. Why, then, is it that some bands should stop...just STOP touring and rehashing their old crap while others I would gladly cheer on into their 60s and 70s? Rolling Stones should stop. Loved them...but they should stop. Led Zeppelin, same thing. Please please stop.

What is it about Iggy and Bowie that makes me want to cheer them on until the time comes, IF the time comes, that they should retire? What about Duran Duran...expected crap seeing them in concert, experienced a renewal of my long time teen crush on Simon LeBon. Wtf?

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