Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You don't want to read this


The human body is amazing, don't you think?

In hindsight, it must've been the Vietnamese sub I ate at school today. Sometimes they slip a bit of the peanut oil into those things. Usually small amounts of nuts don't bother me...I mean, very small. If I hear there's traces, then *shrug*...meh. If something has peanut oil in it...well, historically it's never bothered me (as far as I knew) so I've never asked.

Until today. Today was weird.

Ate lunch (said Viet Sub) and went to my class. Afterwards, went for a run with C and S. Now...I've been eating healthier (not cleanse...could not stand hating my food) since this month began. December was a festival of sugar, dairy, meat, carbs...and little to no exercise; so I've been used to a few digestive quirks lately. During our run, a stomach ache developed but was not unexpected. My body is still working through December, I reasoned.

Boy howdy.

Not sure how I will put the rest of this story, but I will try to be as delicate as possible. I was fine on the C-train home and walked most of the way with little incident...but about 5-6 blocks away my stomach started to churn. By the time I got home I screeched a quick 'Hi!" to the bf and dropped all my bags and coat and stuff in the bathroom with me. Okay, you've got that part, I'm sure...so I'll go on to what else happened. Just keep in mind I was kinda forced to remain "in one spot"...*wink*.

I touched my hands to my eyes and they burned like crazy, like itchy...super itchy. And then with the sneezing...over and over really hard, blow-yer-head-off type sneezing. I was like, 'wtf??' and my face felt like a plastic surgeon had snuck in when I wasn't looking and stuffed my forhead, nose and eyes with cotton. It didn't look as bad as that, but in one of those rare moments when I was able to stand up and move around for a bit...well...once my friend B told me that she was so conjested she could see her sinuses. I think I know what she meant now.

The whole time bf is asking me what he should do and the only think I could think of was 'just check in on me periodically, especially if I get real quiet'. Bless him as he remained with me while we figured out what was wrong with me.

Didn't clue in until...well...I remembered a long time ago having eaten a nut...and a whole lot more nut than I would have today, but I broke out in hives along where my bra covered. My boobies. As I reached to scratch under my arm today...well...then it clicked. Hives on my boobies + wheezing + sneezing + red puffy face + stomach cramps = holy shit! I ate a nut!

Took some antihistamines. Started to feel better. Feel much better now. However, it did make me wonder how tired people get after an exorcism.


dan said...

Now THIS is blogging! You had me on the edge of my seat!

Himbly said...

hahaha...well, you know what they say: "write what you know."

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