Friday, January 26, 2007

First, wtf? Second, wth?

It happened again.

Another run, another sneezefest, another allergy attack with an A-to-da-muthafukkin'-llergy.

This time: I started wheezing (me: uh...wha?)...then I started sneezing (me: no...holy mothering crap NO!)...then, as soon as we hit warm air (ie. the lab) my eyes started burning and *poof*...swelled up. But, in the corners. Uh, I look like I"m a Romulan in training and will get my notches after I finish my next badge.

Oh...wait...I mean Bajoran. The nose-bridge thing.

(Thanks Joe)

So...I went to the bathroom and sat in a stall thinking, 'how do I get out of this gracefully?' I was thinking that because I was not my usual, chatty, post-run self when I disappeared to the ladies for a minute, so a quick exit would be noticed. I thought, however, I'd try it.

Went back and everyone was gabbing, so no attention was paid...I picked up my stuff..cheerfully said goodbye...started towards the door and stopped and turned to say, 'okay, I don't want to freak you guys out..."

That's soooo me.

I was | | <--- this close to the door and I came clean..."...but check out my eyes."

I took off my glasses and my advisor said, 'holy crap!'

By the end of it, I was making jokes about how with my new eyes must come new superpowers and stuff. Cracked them up. The audience loved me. I was slayin' them in the isles.

But inside...I was the scared mouse. I was the sad clown. I was the coke-addled Robin Williams.

I called C as soon as I left the building and asked him to come get me....hehee...he didn't even really finish the phonecall before he was on the road. Since his work was a fair distance away, I hiked over to the pharmacy and picked up some antihistamines.

If I forget to pack those one more time, I swear!

I waited for him sneezing, coughing and scratching my head, ears, neck and torso (as discretely as one can when one is standing in public with her skin burning). He came, I got in the car, and I nearly burst into tears. Then, I thought about my burning eyes and kept that shit to myself. Why aggravate an already bad situation? I sit. I'm tired...very tired as my body is starting to come down after waging an unholy war against, well, my body. You see the predicament.

I think I'm gonna crack a strongbow and turn the double dose of antihistamines into a party!


Rjak said...

Now that I'm in theatre, may I correct you?

You did not, in fact, slay them in the "isles". You slayed them in the "aisles".

Now excuse me dear...Juliard calls...

Himbly said...

I DID slay them in the 'isles' as we were in Britain at the time!

(Dang...I hate when I screw those words up.)

Tangerine Dreams said...

Oh my god you slay me here! You're so funny. Thank you for the warm bday wishes. Thank too the Led Zep footage. Edie Tangerine was named after one of their songs ya know.

Himbly said...

Kathy!! So glad you dropped by! I'm sorry I didn't have a better b-day wish, it was early in the morning and I wanted to comment but found myself unable to provide any wit. Hope it was wonderful, I'm sure it was!

Your life looks like a dream come true! I'm soo completely happy for you!

(And yes! hahaha..I remembered that Tangerine was, well, a living reflection of a dream)

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