Saturday, January 20, 2007

Starbucks wins this time.

about me #1: I have a terrible time with procrastination. See? I'm doing it now.

I've made a pact with myself to try to get mounds of stuff done on the weekends so that my weeks aren't frenzied balls of terror. Weekend #2 of this semester and, admittedly off to a somewhat slow start, I am getting shit done. I can only get so much done in front of the life-giving-box-of-pleasure (my computer, freak) before I start to eye the little icons that would provide me with entertainment (ie. WoW, Safari, iTunes) so I usually pack up my stuff and head to Starbucks for a caffeine buzz and some 'away' time, but in front of strangers so that I can't do things like scratch my bum or find my toenails suddenly interesting.

about me #2: I am an auditory/tactile learner. In fact, I'm very auditory.

Fact #2 about me is something I've come to discover more and more and has led me to several realizations. For instance, if I hear something beyond just general background if something stands out, I"m sunk when it comes to concentration. There isn't much I can tune out. I think, also, this is why I can't a/ listen to music when I'm reading or thinking and b/ stand most music that's out there.

I've kinda wondered why I"m so stubborn about the music I listen to, because the stuff I love I am passionate about...but there's certainly not much I love. And, I've refused to listen to most recommendations by friends. Now, yes...that's just stubborn and elitist of me, but it might have to do with the fact that there is a (what I believe to be) narrower-than-usual band of music that can act as background noise for me because I'm pretty sensitive to it. If I like it too much or dislike it too much, I can't concentrate on my particular homework task.

Case in point: I'm sitting in Starbucks today and they're playing (like usual) sorta interesting but ultimately boring stuff that is not offensive but not particularly ear-perking. I'm doing fine, getting homework done.

Now...for the linguists out there (say 'hheeeyyyyy-hooooo', just the ladies!): I'm not a syntactician. I am a budding phonologist. Reading a paper about event structure and the status of the object's of transitive verbs is not light reading for me.

They throw on one of those soulful, saccharine solo-act type singer/songwriter guys who sings almost exclusively about his girlfriends and, clearly, they ~looove~ his work because they crank it to 11. I, with the cutest and most apologetic look on my face that I can muster (I've worked in coffeeshops and the like, I know what they say behind your back), ask them to turn it down. They do, like, to 10 and a half. A-holes. Totally thrown me off and I'm more irritated than if Coldplay were to set up and serenade me then and there.

So..I'm home now. People's taste in music sucks.


Anonymous said...

I can be silent no longer!

Your racist, homophobic and ultimately self-defeating blog is a testament to ignorance and you are a poster child for the forced sterilization of psychotic....


wrong blog sorry...

Himbly said...

hahaha..yeah, you must've made a wrong turn somewhere. I think I know who you're looking for...just keep going and she's 'on the right'.

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