Thursday, March 30, 2006

Comments on iTunes #1

I fully understand that, cognitively speaking, loving Led Zeppelin puts me at 'angsty teenage boy with greasy hair and spots' level.

But so does my love of World of Warcraft...

so, perhaps I should get an age/sex change?


Ian Scott said...

ROTFL!! An interesting bit of trivia for you, that I think is true.

Zeppelin only had ONE top ten song, ever. It was a song that was nothing like their "heavy rock" incredibleness that they are really known for.

Know what that one song was?

Yeah... the poofy "Stairway To Heaven."

Girls LOVED slow dancing to that in my high school gymnasium, but for some reason, most of the girls didn't really like Moby Dick.

Hehe.. this post brought back some memories :)

But as an aside, I always liked Rush better.

Himbly said...


I have a theory about Rush. No Canadian girl likes them.

There is another theory about Rush that came up when I was talking to this guy once about Led Zeppelin. My views on Led Zeppelin are that without John Paul Jones and John Bonham, Led Zeppelin would be far too annoying for any human being to deal with. Let's face it, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are extremely talented, but without the anchor the other two gave them they would be so wanky they would fly off into space.

I explained that to this guy I ran into (I had met his sister once and he was a friend of a friend..we were waiting for a bus...can't remember how we started talking about Zep) and he said, 'yeah...they'd be Rush'.

I said, 'huh?'

and he said, 'think about it...they both sing about hobbits'

Himbly said...

No offense, though. I have many (male) friends whose musical taste I respect that like Rush.

Ian Scott said...

My musical tastes are quite eclectic - everything from Leonard Cohen to Deep Purple to Baroque to Irish Folk, to Blues, Jazz, and just about everything in between :)

Himbly said...

I hear that! My musical tastes are quite eclectic as well, but at the same time I'm very picky...I won't just listen to anyone. It drives some of my friends nuts.

Ian Scott said...

I have to admit, I don't consider Rap to be music.

And of course, I don't like EVERY Zep song, or EVERY Rush song either :)

Himbly said...

oh goodness! There is some great hip hop out there! Honest!

But very little of it will you hear on the radio these days.

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