Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a few things I've been thinking and then I'll talk about squirrels

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My god I hate group projects. I like to call them 'poop projects'.

I put a bunch of stuff in my iTunes last week and it's SO lovely listening to music while writing papers n' shit. I like Joe Cocker. Shut up.

I am super duper excited about spending most of my time going to school, researching and learning about linguistics in September. For those of you who might read this blog and for those of you who did not know, I applied for law school as well. I've not heard back yet, but I have heard back from the ling dept. I've been thinking about how I would feel ~if~ I did hear from law...and I don't think I care. I haven't even checked to see ~when~ I should hear from them...so...I think I've made my decision.

*Mary Tyler Moore jump*
...aaannnddd freeze frame!

I have SO much to do right now that I'm amazed I'm not losing my mind all over the damn place. I'm generally pretty cheery for someone who's teetering so close to the crazy edge.

I've started a new thing and am now able to see into the future through my reading of omens, allow me to 'splain,

A couple of weeks ago while walking to work, I was waiting for the 'walk' light when a squeegie kid, smoke in mouth, threw a handful of pennies down in the middle of the intersection. He did so in absolute disgust.

I knew it then...I knew that this was a sign and that I, alone, had the ability to interpret it...

"Prosperous times ahead! If a squeegie kid had the ability to be choosey, so do you! This will be a good day and it's even a possiblity that a stranger will give you something which you may or may not need!"

...plus, angry squeegie kids are funny.

so...yesterday it happened again...and eeners can back me up 'cause I emailed her. I walked by a tree on campus the other day and saw a cuuute black squirrel hanging upside down with his round, cuuute belly facing me...all streched out and eating berries.

"Today will mean success through unconventional means...but you'll look adorable doing it"

I ought to get paid for this shit.


grrlsweat said...

there is so much here to respond to so don't think i've missed how meaningful the meanings are/is, but i just really really loved your mary tyler moore jump and freeze frame. it happened perfectly.

Himbly said...

Sweaty! Welcome!

Thank you. I try to do it in real life (MTM jump+freeze), but I always end up falling.

And thank you for your comment! I love your blog!

...wait a minute. Did she jump, or did she just throw her hat in the air? Who jumped? dang!

eener said...

she especially loves the hat-launch on warm autumn days, at dusk, when she's alone on her apartment roof, grinning like a fool.
alone wears leg warmers and a brightly-colored bandana

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