Monday, March 27, 2006

I Wish They All Could Be Himbly Girls.



Ian Scott said...

You're edible, are you? :P

Himbly said...

Possibly to some species...hahaha

Ian Scott said...

lol.. well.. I just tried the slogan thing.. It came up with "The incredible, edible Himbly"

But I just noted, it changes slogans every time you reload, so perhaps that is not what you saw when you first ran it.

Mine was, "Feel The Ianism."


Himbly said...

Ahhh...I wasn't sure what you were talking about...hahaha.

You should put that on your blog! Feel the Ianism! that's a great slogan!

Ian Scott said...

LOL.. after I realized that the slogan thing changed, it struck me that perhaps your "wish they could all be himbly girls" wasn't related to being "incredible, edible." :)

But anyhow, your "Possibly to some species" response says enough ;)

"Feel The Ianism"... hmmm.. lol.. I kind of like what I have up there already - "Student of all, disciple of none" but for some, perhaps "Feel The Ianism" might be appropriate.

Some folks do seem to think with their emotional projections upon my words instead of using their mind :)

But of course, I like to play as well.

I also need to "dress up" my blog soon. I've used the nickname "UpMyKilt" in other Internet venues - so I want to reproduce a piece of art I've got hanging on my wall.. of a kilted fly fishing guide, helping to land a salmon caught by a client.

So many things to do, so little time.

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