Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'd like to thank the academy...

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I'm so totally getting all sentimental these days.

The semester (and year) of school is coming to a close...just a few more weeks before my last assignment is handed in, then summer then grad school.

Maybe it's the PMS, maybe it's the chocolate I just ate to aid the PMS, maybe it's the fact I'm really really tired right now, but I feel so much gratitude that I want to send everyone I've ever spoken to a thank you card.

Even the people I hate.

My parents, oh good lord, my parents...I'm never able to thank them enough. All I am able to do right now is knit them hats. This summer, when I have time, I shall shower them in knitted hats. My father shall have miniature hats for all his dogs and chickens and my mother and her husband shall have a new hat for every outfit.

My boyfriend...he gets to live with me. That's enough delirious pleasure that no hat can ever live up to. But he's been absolutely the best and of course he, too, shall have hats.

But there's much more. Work very kind and supportive. Makes me almost feel bad about the huge 'up yours' gesture I'm planning on giving when I leave. I'll wear a sign around my neck listing those who will get flowers and may ignore the rude display.

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