Sunday, October 01, 2006

I would have the power to lift buildings...

...if I could only harness this energy.

Yesterday I intended to read read read READ. I have eight articles that have something to do with next week and so I have to read and read and READ.

I know...I know...some of you out there (who may or may not be reading this) read eight articles in the bath while you're getting ready for your day. Let us all keep in mind that I'm new to this and for me eight articles are a whole lotta reading. I mean, Sadock (1985) is 61 pages of autolexical syntax! Good gravy! And, if my last morphology class is to be any gauge, I'm actually supposed to know what these people said.

I got stuff done yesterday and I'm happy about that, but my god. By the time I managed to sit down and start reading, it was already the afternoon and while reading, I'd find time to take 'breaks'. Lotsa breaks. Okay, I read a guy's whole blog yesterday. I mean, though, how could I not? He's a prison guard and I love the series Oz. We were a perfect blog fit yesterday. I also read most of his buddies' blogs, so I recommend them, too. Especially Bunny 'cause she's funny and even her dirty stories are pretty entertaining rather that just dirty and boring. It's interesting how she makes her ex-bf Tucker seem like an interesting, sorta decent beneath his shallow exterior kinda guy while, when it's his job to talk about himself, he just makes himself seem like a pig underneath his shallow exterior. He's kinda funny, but I'm too lazy to link him here. With my 11 per day readership I'm sure he's somehow heartbroken over that. Plus, I think my constant return to my own blog so that I can get to one of my friends' blogs is driving up my numbers."m gonna try to be good. However, really, just by writing this I'm already effing my shit up.

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