Tuesday, October 17, 2006

knitting dork pt II: revenge of the dork

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Real quick, before I get to the homework I"ve been putting off since 8am (it being nearly noon now), I want to show you a couple of my completed projects.

I must apologize for the crappiness of the pics. They were taken with my cell, which is crappy, for one and secondly I have to hold my breath for 3 hours in order to get even close to a clear shot. Also, the background leaves plenty to be desired, but the rest of my place is so messy that this was all I got right now.

This is the hat. The hat of many beeeautiful colours (which really don't show up well in the pic). It's a tad too big for me (still) which makes me sorta sad, but I loooove it.

I don't know how to post two pics in the same bloggy-post, so I'll have to do this all over for the legwarmers.

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