Monday, October 09, 2006

knitting dork

I know this is a/ dorky and b/ time wasting, but I've got to tell ya something.

Although I've got, like, 5 knitting projects on the go:

1- legwarmers for myself
2- legwarmers for AM (that I promised her ages ago)
3- octopus for C (got 4 legs done so far)

...okay, 3...whatever...the point is that although I've got these on the go and want to start a few more, I had a serious hankerin' for a new toque.

Not just ~any~ sir.

I pulled out a skein of my most expensive wool (unfortunately not featured anywhere on that website, but it's the same place). It is 75% wool, 25% silk and 100% delicious! It's a sorta stripey yarn...died different colours throughout and let me tell you...I CANNOT stop knitting this hat! I'm like this:

...oh my god, I love that shade of brown...gorgeous...wait! Wait! Is that hot hot hot pink coming up? ohhh..what are they going to look like together? Here it comes...OOOHhhhh! It's beautiful! Is that orange I see? What a crazy and brilliant orange! Here it comes...bam! So pretty! ...

and so forth...

So...then! Then! I made the mistake/incredible discovery of looking at the INSIDE of my hat in good light! It's like a flavour sensation for my eyes! I can't stop staring at the inside of this g-damn hat!

Completely at the mercy of this yarn.

Thing is..I've got no time for this. None. But I"m like putty in it's fibres.


eener said...

you're so effing cute

Ian Scott said...

Mmmmm... leg warmers ;)

Himbly, thanks for your comments elsewhere. Appreciated.

Himbly said...

No problem, Ian. I just felt it to be very unfair. I'm glad it's solved, though (as far as GOTR has posted).

Himbly said...

As for you, LMCT...*blush*

aaannnddd...guess what?? I ripped the whole hat out! It's back to a ball of yarn and about 3 rows of a slightly smaller hat.

dang...that hurt.

RightGirl said...

You have been emailed.


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