Friday, December 15, 2006


The past two night I've dreamt:

1- that a huge storm beat the shit out of our fair city. Actually, it looked more red brick building-y...but whatever. There was rubble and broken walls everywhere.

2- dang...I forgot this one. But it was distressing.

3- that a murderous brother and sister pair were after me.


Ian Scott said...

Poor you! I have the most amazing dreams sometimes. Some of them might even make for good sci-fi thriller movies.

There have been times I've woken from a dream, and as I recalled it, laughed my head off.

I have such good dreams that sometimes I am able to even "direct" the dream during moments where I am aware I am dreaming, but not fully awake. I've sometimes awoken during a dream, and gone back to sleep to just give it an ending I thought would be suitable.

Indeed, my dreams provide me with entertainment value.

Himbly said...

Hey Ian!

Yeah...I get some really strange dreams when I spend my days concentrating on my papers.

I gave up at GOTR. After awhile I just felt dirty even arguing with those folks.

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