Monday, December 11, 2006

The way to go. Yoooo Hoooo!

So, I've started running again because my advisor made me.


She started a running group with our lab and, really, her grad students (me, and 2 PhDs) don't have that much of a choice. We gotta go.

Which is good. I like it. We've all started to look forward to our weekly run because at the end we always find out that we've gone significantly further and for longer each time. And it's our little psychological treat.

So, in the wake of this, I've started to make Sundays my "me" running day. It's not the 3 days a week I was doing, but it's something. I throw on my iPod and I go.

My god I love my iPod.

What I've discovered, though...although I usually like listening to the radio or podcasts while I'm running...when I need that extra push Parliament Funkadelic is there.

Honestly...I knew that PFunk is motivational, but it really works. That line in Bop Gun...the one that has the backup singers repeating "gotta get over the hump...gotta get over the hump..." made me forget my ankle was hurting me. I try to make every step match the beat, and when I can't...long strides make it feel like I'm gliding through the music.

Of course...I'm certain it's quite a different sight if you're watching me from your car as you drive by. Less 'gliding' than it is 'dorky'...but, whatever. I'm trying to stomp my foot on 'the one'...and it's hard.

Usually I end up clapping.

Yeah...for sure I look like a dork.


dan said...

I joined the gym next door, and everyday I use the elliptical machine, flanked with housewives going way faster than me, and sneered at by the muscle men. PFunk is a good idea. I bet I was the only guy in there today listening to The Sound of Music.

Himbly said...

hahahahahaha...I bet you weren't!

Dude, try P-Funk. You'll see the difference. Not to say that The Sound of Music is a bad idea. I love TSOM.

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