Thursday, December 07, 2006

Out of control, yo!

I don't know what's going on but the past few days, although more disciplined than usual - been exercising, doing a bit of my 'learned from a book and have no idea if I"m doing this right' yoga, reading, getting that school beeach in line - my eating habits have gone out of control. I get home and I'm instantly like 'awgrh awgrh awgrh' (that's the best Cookie Monster to print transcribing I can do) all the way through the kitchen. I've had this thing against sweets that I'm sure if you know me you've known about...well, sweets abound, sir! Sweets effing abound.

I was sitting in my meeting today listening to this psych grad talk about some interesting crap and my stomach was growling and I was feeling all weird n' stuff and I thought, 'I ate breakfast..what was it?' and then I thought, 'oh...chips, the rest of a chocolate bar, and tea.' Wtf?? I mean, I'm 34 years old now. When did that particular breakfast of champions become acceptable?

And another thing. Why doesn't anyone like my frikking hat? I made a hat for C that was too small, so I've been wearing it and no one is like, 'g-dammit-that-is-the-best-hat-I've-ever-seen-I-will-pay-you-double-the-price-of-the-yarn-and-labour-to-make-me-one-exactly-like-it!!!' and drooling and stuff like I really think they ought to. Seriously, it rocks so much that I went out and bought more of the yarn that it's made of just so I can make christmas presents. So, sucks for family if this hat actually looks crappy. I was going to take a pic and post it here, but a/ I'm lazy and b/ what if I actually find out the truth? Can't risk it. You'll just have to compliment me to my face.

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