Sunday, December 03, 2006

What I find (un)interesting

Was at Chinook mall yesterday and I stopped into Music World to pick up some cheap DVDs.

Now, I am no stranger to those people who have carved their own path as far as fashion goes. As a young'un, I felt drawn to social deviants, or people who thought they would like to be, and often that was accompanied by unusual fashion choices. In some cases (rockabilly) I found that these fashion choices were little more than uniforms, but that's another discussion all together. So, yeah. Weird people don't bug me.

However...I'm starting to find out that ~sometimes~ the weirder the look, the more cliche the shit that comes out of their mouth.

Did I say sometimes? Yeah, I meant 'nearly always'.

Watched this kid at the till. Gotta admit, he never had a chance for me not to judge him. Huge ear-plugs. Gad, I hate those things. Stupidest fashion statement I've ever seen a North American wear. That alone makes me think that someone's a complete idiot who I wouldn't trust to use the toilet the right way around (I can't remember who said that before me, but I love that phrase). His hair was all spikey and blonde..but like, huge long spikes. His eyes had, actually, quite a beautiful shade of pink on the lid spread thickly across. He began telling some other kid about, '...ummm, the little old lady who just left here?' He started his story, only pieces of which I caught because a/ I was busy with the bored and listless girl with piercings serving me (yay! now THAT'S a teenager), and b/ I sorta knew that what was coming was gonna be the typical retail/service industry complaint where a customer was completely justified in their actions as it is not their job to know the rules and customs of the store, yet the employee will somehow construe this as a show of stupidity or nastiness. '....and I was all like, I'm sooo confused!', he finished. Seriously, the amount of times I've heard guys who look like that say exactly that...well, if I had a nickle for them all I would be able to buy myself a decent meal at Earls and then have a few drinks after a movie. But..then...don't get me started on Earls. Actually, it's similar to this rant, 'cept the people are complete slutty clones of each other.

I digress...

I know a guy. He's a drag queen. Since I know more than one drag queen, and from completely different circles, I'm feeling this is anonymous enough to say. He likes to glam it up. Yet, everything that comes out of his mouth is a freakin' cliche. Which is really disappointing to me since his life must be more exciting than mine. Really nice guy. I like him plenty. But really boring to listen to sometimes. And he says things like, '....I'm like, I'm soooo confused!' too!

I think, too, that I probably looked exactly like a cliche yesterday as I could not stop frowning and glimpsing at Confused Ear-plug Boy. I just know that the girl told him I was "totally freaked out" by his "look" after I'd gone. Or whatever kids say today.

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